We have 10 lovely comfortable kennels, the bedrooms of which are individually heated in the colder weather and there is a small ‘run’ part of the kennel with a pop-hole between the two.

This is never closed, not even in winter, which means if the dogs need to spend a penny at night they don’t have to do it in their bedrooms – much less stressful for them.

Routine Details

Routine and Facilities at our Dog Boarding KennelOutside the kennels we have a compound where the dogs can spend much of their day playing together or taking their ease on the sofa in the summer house – oh yes that is VERY popular – or on the beds which are dotted about in both shady and sunny spots!!

The paddock is fully fenced and dog-proof, we visit with the dogs at least once every day to give them a chance to have a full pelt run or just a meander around and a jolly good sniff. Some part of the paddock is always in shade and some dogs just enjoy lying in the shade on the cool grass watching the others tear around in a mad chase. In hot weather this is a very popular evening activity after a day of dozing and fly catching.

When the weather is not so enticing to be outside we have a large area at the back of the kennels but inside the barn that the dogs can still play and run around in. We simply let them out of the back of their kennels instead of the front.

Trophy Pet Food

Trophy has been making quality dog food for 25 years and we love it. We will feed it to your dog while they are with us, usually a Premium food from the range, unless you prefer to bring your dog’s own food, which is also fine by us.

Whether you are a kennels customer or not, we can bring Trophy Pet Food to your door, together with free nutritional advice to make sure we get the correct food for your unique pet.

Trophy Pet Foods (www.trophypetfoods.co.uk) is an established direct-to-your-door pet food delivery service. We deliver British-made natural, premium pet foods, ethically approved and of uncompromising quality. We can bring you Trophy at home with our free home delivery service.

We offer a wide range of pet foods including grain-free, lite diets, puppy, mature and cereal-free options, starting at £17 for a 15kg bag.

The Trophy Pet Food range are British made at their own plant, nutritionally balanced, natural, ingredient-led and competitively priced.  The recipes come with a wealth of key benefits and are optimised for natural nutrition. Each one of the recipes is 100% complete and balanced. They endeavour to source as many ingredients as locally as possible, supporting British agriculture, and the vast majority of our carefully sourced ingredients are from the UK. Whilst sourcing locally is the goal, premium ingredients is the priority.

Trophy Dog Food
Play time

Daily Routine

This will vary according to weather, length of day etc but in summer this is a typical day:

  • 07.00 – open all kennels and let the dogs out to greet the new day of fun at County Hounds!
  •  07.50 – 10.00 In kennels for safe digestion and while dogs come and go during open hours
  • 10.00 -1200 Let out of kennels and taken to the paddock for at least an hour during this period
  • 12.15 – Return to kennels for a bit of a snooze after all that running about
  • 14.30 – Out of kennels for play in the compound
  • 15.50  – Return to kennels for dinner and digestion while dogs come and go in afternoon open hours.
  • 18.00 Let out of kennels for evening play. If Kay has any energy left, another visit to the paddock gets everyone ready for a good night’s kip
  • 20.45 Return to kennels for cuddles, biscuits and lights out.